About us

Grey London Group LTD was born from over thirty-five years of experience in the business world. In the Eighties we created and developed what could be described today as the forerunner of multi-family offices.

Our first activity was to provide services by connecting people and companies, which allowed us to build experience and relationships that later enabled us to deal with art, luxury goods, catering, housing, and in recent years to deal mainly with the world of the web.
Based in the Principality of Monaco, in order to further adapt to the dynamism required for online activities, we decided to transfer our operational headquarters to London, thus beginning a new and exciting career path.

What we do

Our enterprise has always distinguished us, and each new project has never represented a goal but a starting point for new challenges. Our skills and our background allow us to operate in two specific areas:

Business development

Our activity has always been to conceive, finance and develop projects with high economic potential to turn them into concrete realities. In recent years we have specialized in following innovative start-ups in the world of the web.

Services and public relations

Having an important network of contacts allows you to relate the demand with the supply. We specialize in providing high-level contacts to individuals, professionals and businesses useful to achieve their goals.

Our recent platinum projects